Hard surface tools in ZBrush

In this short tip, I will try to summarize all hard-surface tools, which I know in ZBrush. 

– ZModeler

– Clip/Trim/Slice brushes (Ctrl+Shift)

– Various hard-surface brushes like trim dynamic, pinch, chisel, dam standard, planar, etc.

– Duplicate -> Slice brush -> Select brush -> Delete hidden -> Optionally ZRemesher -> Panel Loops for paneling

– Masking -> Invert mask and Polygroup (Ctrl-W) -> Select brush (Ctrl-Shift) -> Group Loops -> Gizmo mask (Ctrl-Shift-Click) and move

– Masking -> Invert mask and Polygroup -> Polish by features -> Ctrl-Shift with transpose to mask polygroup and then hold ctrl and use scale middle ring to extrude inner loop and then move tool in the same manner to extrude a clean shape

– Similar to above, but use slice brush

– Creases and dynamic subdiv (good for imported meshes or modeled with ZModeler)

– Booleans

– Insert meshes and curves

– Alphas

– Spotlight

– Retopology of sculpted meshes (ZSpheres or topology brushes)

– Slice brush -> Dynamesh groups -> Auto Groups -> Move

– Array meshes and nanomeshes

– Radial symmetry masking and trimming for cylinders

– Gizmo deformers

– Shadowbox

– Deformation tools (like polish, twist, taper)

– Surface noise (optionally on duplicated mesh) -> Convert BPR to Geo (Geometry tab)

Ruslan Nazirov

I am 26 years old developer. I had a solid experience in programming and used to be a java developer for four years. Now I’m working on my projects and games, based on Unreal Engine 4.