Etherlinker for UE4

Today I want to share my project, Etherlinker for UE4, which will allow you to interact with Ethereum blockchain from Unreal Engine 4
It’s open-source and free, has built-in VR and multiplayer support and lots of other features.

Why you may need this project:

  • You want to add an additional source of income for your project (without any royalties to third-party providers)
  • You want to store some data on Ethereum blockchain and use it in your projects
  • You need to implement some logic in solidity contracts and interact with them in UE4
  • You want to make blockchain-powered games
  • You want to make a virtual store in VR and sell your real-world products in it
  • You are an enterprise developer and want to use it for *** (removed due to NDA)
  • You want to use some examples (not related to blockchain) from it in your projects


  • Interact with Ethereum blockchain from Unreal Engine 4
  • Compile new solidity contracts or integration server directly from UE4 Editor
  • Start/Stop/Restart/Check integration server from UE4 Editor
  • Contract deployment support
  • ETH transfer support
  • Wallet balance checking support
  • Wallet creation support
  • Custom solidity contracts support
  • ERC20 token contract template with Premium Items and Subscriptions support
  • ERC721 token contract template to make unique in-game entities, like pets
  • Donations contract template – raise funds for your projects without paying commissions to third party providers.
  • Execute multiple operations on Ethereum blockchain from UE4 with a single batch request
  • Lots of template widgets (compatible with VR and multiplayer) to speed up your development
  • Lots of ways to create or load Ethereum wallets.
  • Data encryption methods on both UE4 and integration server sides (SSL, AES-256, RSA, ECDSA, HMAC).
  • External database support for integration server (Default is H2, recommended PostgreSQL)
  • Integration server monitoring via Java Melody
  • Geth/Parity support for those, who don’t want to use Infura Network
  • Multiplayer Support
  • VR Support

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Supported engine versions: 4.20, 4.21

Project repository:

Download release archives here:…HdFf3BtfmN69D8

UE4 forum:

Ruslan Nazirov

I am 26 years old developer. I had a solid experience in programming and used to be a java developer for four years. Now I’m working on my projects and games, based on Unreal Engine 4.